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Healthier Eton mess

Updated: May 22

Looking for a healthier version of a delicious summer treat? Look no further! Who said you had to be deprived to eat well?? Not on my watch!



400g strawberries (quartered) or raspberries 1 tsp vanilla extract

500g Greek yoghurt

250ml whipping cream

4 meringue nests


  1. Reserve 3 strawberries and keep the stalks on. De-stalk the remainder.

  2. Put the meringue nests into a clear bag, seal, and break into small pieces (but not powder) with a rolling pin.

  3. Whip the cream and vanilla extract using an electric whisk. Once thick, fold into the yoghurt.

  4. Into each glass, place a couple of strawberries. Then add a little of the creamy mixture and sprinkle a little of the meringue mix. Do this for each glass before starting your second layer. Add a second layer of fruit, and cream mix, then top with the remaining fruit. Cut the reserved strawberries (with stalks) in half and garnish each portion with half a strawberry.

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